Nico Rivers & The Alec Hutson Trio

April 18, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

One of the only known constants in the universe is transformation. All that is was and will some day again be something else.

What will you be?

Nico Rivers is a Boston-based singer/songwriter with a knack for transformation.

His first full-length release, Tiny Death, will be available Spring 2017.


After a year in the studio, the Alec Hutson Trio has finally unveiled its debut album, Thunder and Lightning. A potent mixture of rock, soul, and folk, their music is set to entrance your mind and move your feet. Front man and songwriter Alec Hutson, a Boston native and child of Soviet immigrants, brings captivating indie-folk melodies and lyrics that are intricate while staying authentic and accessible. The rest of the trio, coming from a soul-funk background, help to transform the final product into a distinctly unique sound that virtually anyone can get down to.