VERDEgree & Special Guest: Miele

October 26, 2018 @ 10:00 pm

VERDEgree is a Indie-Rock band led by singer and bassist Elisabeth Hoffman. VERDEgree’s music blends beautiful melodies with intricate rhythms and crunchy time signatures. Each song reflects different experiences and stories from Hoffman’s life.

Interesting, introspective melodies that mix with a hint of dissonance and a pinch of grit. Verdegree is expanding into slightly darker, brooding, sounds with a heavier feel. Look forward to some new sounds soon!


Miele is a Boston-based rock band that pulls from a diverse drawing board of art rock, psychedelia, soul, grunge, alternative, metal, and funk influences. Formed in 2014, Miele captivates with soaring vocals from multi-faceted front woman Melissa Lee Nilles, arpeggiated keyboard melodies, solid and complex drum rhythms, and startling switches between mystical melodies and grungy/funky/heavy rock.

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