Citizen Slim

April 21, 2018 @ 10:00 pm
Citizen Slim

In 2014, two venerable songwriters decided that “acoustic” music is for wussies. They dusted off the Telecasters and tube amps they had stashed away and decided to rock out. Years of folk immersion had rendered them unable to write about anything other than trucks, trains, and the aforementioned telecasters. Whatever, it’s loud and awesome.

When he’s not touring nationally doing the previously mentioned wussie folk thing, Greg Klyma hosts Americana Sundays in Union Square.

The Ryan Fitzsimmons Band won “Favorite Local Bad Ass Rock n Rollers” in the 2013 Red Line Roots Awards. Both of those guys are in this band with Chris DeSanty (drums) and Paul Chase (bass). Do it for Citizen Slim.