May 22, 2019 @ 10:00 pm

Ken Shiles, CiBon, and Valerie Vuolo form the soulful, innovative Atlantic City, New Jersey-based trio: “Originaire“.

Ken and CiBon performed their first show together with no prior face to face contact and no rehearsal. From the moment their voices blended with effortless and seamless perfection for the first time, they knew it was the beginning of something extraordinary.

Keeping in kind with Ken and CiBon’s serendipitous connection, they discovered violinist, Valerie Vuolo in a similarly fateful fashion. While running the sound stage at a singer-songwriter festival for a local venue, Ken was introduced to the musically malleable, genre hopping fiddle player as she shared the stage with multiple acts throughout the course of the event. He invited her to join him for his solo set upon the same stage later that evening (sans CiBon). He later made the introduction to his partner in song, inviting Valerie to join him and CiBon at a performance for a high profile benefit concert a few months later. When the three met backstage before the show and played all together for the first time, an almost chilling synergy occurred when their voices blended with soulful strings as effortlessly as when there were only two.