Sonya Rae and Ryan Taylor

March 8, 2023 @ 8:00 pm
Sonya Rae and Ryan Taylor

We’ve seen them playing many blues venues around New England. We’ve seen their huge presence on social media. Blues musicians and married couple Sonya Rae Taylor and her husband Ryan Taylor are virtuoso guitarists, blues singers, and multi-instrumentalists.

Sonya Rae and Ryan Taylor have been on the Boston scene for about four years. After getting married in 2012, they moved to Austin, Texas. There they played behind some incredible singers in the soul scene. Sonya Rae signed a publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis, and they moved to Nashville. After returning to Boston, they hit the ground running.

“We’ve been consistently gigging since,” Sonya Rae said. “Boston has so many great musicians and a lot of little pockets of different music scenes. I like to think that we aren’t just pigeon-holed to just one scene. I love working with musicians from all kinds of different scenes that may have never even met before even though they live in the same city.”

 The couple broke into their beloved Boston/New England blues scene by landing gigs with outstanding local players. “When I met Bruce Bears, Jessie Williams, and Mark Teixeira at the Beehive in Boston, I knew I would be happy here,” Sonya Rae said. “We did so many gigs right off the bat all together. The Beehive became like a home, a place to play, try a bunch of new material, and stretch out.” By Bill Copeland on April 27, 2021