Workman Song and Brothers McMahon

December 20, 2019 @ 10:00 pm
Workman Song and Brothers McMahon

Workman Song has all of the hallmarks of the well-kept secret, it’s just that the secret has been getting out. At the center of this peculiar labor of love is prodigious singer-songwriter Sean McMahon, his soul-stirring voice and his storytelling: a dialogue with friends, lovers, and God which forms a prolific body of work spanning the intimately folksy to the epically psychedelic, drawing together the threads of Bowie, Bruce, Buckley, Dylan, and the Dead.

What happens when you put a ragged Bushwick folk musician together with a Juilliard organist? Beautiful music, if they happen to be brothers Sean and Griffin McMahon. Channeling not just their Irish roots, but also North Indian, West African, and 20th century French organ music through the lens of their freak folk-rock and pop cocktail, the Brothers McMahon have been hypnotizing audiences in Brooklyn and Manhattan with their psychic chemistry and arresting storytelling in song.